25th of November 2017 – Commemorate of Holodomor. 

Vyshyvanka Day 2018:

The Vyshyvanka is a traditional Ukrainian garment that is recognized worldwide. Across many countries, Ukrainian heritage is celebrated by parading and wearing Vyshyvanka on this day. 

Free Sentsov Event 2018

Oleh Sentsov was sentenced to 20 years in prison in a farcical show trial and has since declared a hunger strike. The Russian regime has illegally imprisoned over 50 other Ukrainian citizens, including Volodymyr Balukh, Oleksandr Kolchenko, Stanislav Klikh, not to mention the many others.  Edmonton along with other cities across Canada held demonstrations demanding the release of illegally imprisoned Ukrainian citizens.

CHUMAK WAY – June 2018

Ukrainian War Veteran cyclists from Ukraine visit Edmonton as part of their Canada-US tour. The group of cyclist took on the challenge to bike 10,000 km to raise awareness about the need for peace in Ukraine and in other places where civilians are currently under military attack.


Zeleni Sviata – June 2019

Zeleni Sviata: Prayer Services was  held on Julian Calendar Pentecost at St. Michaels Cemetery honoring all fallen soldiers who have died in battle for Ukraine’s freedom (at central cross) as well as for the bishops and priests of the Edmonton Eparchy. Everyone was encouraged to join Ukrainian Catholic clergy and community representatives on Sunday, June 16 starting at 2:30 pm. People wore embroidered shirts and Ukrainian flags honoring those who have died in the world wars and in today’s war in Ukraine. Co-organized by our Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy, The League of Ukrainian Canadians and the League of Ukrainian Canadian Women.