About UCC Edmonton

Who We Are

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Edmonton Branch is a vibrant non-profit organization that serves the Edmonton Ukrainian community by maintaining, developing and promoting its Ukrainian Canadian identity, culture and aspirations.
The Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Edmonton Branch has 18 member organizations that represent our community across a wide spectrum of demographics and interests. These organizations are separate entities with their own members and are represented within UCC-Edmonton.



What We Do

Initiate/coordinate activities/programs/events of interest/value to the Ukrainian community which a member organization is not in a position to undertake

  • Provide monetary support to the development and support of the Edmonton Ukrainian community
  • Support the development and preservation of Ukrainian language education and other cultural programs in Edmonton
  • Attend our member organizations’ events and meetings
  • Assist UCC-Alberta and UCC-National programs and projects
  • Promote/advertise member organizations’ events/projects
  • Strengthen and coordinate the participation of Ukrainian Canadians in Edmonton’s social and cultural life
  • Produce and distribute news releases about Ukrainian community events
  • Lend support to assist Ukraine in building an independent, united, democratic state​


Our Vision

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress of Edmonton branch is national, united and self-sustaining body that provides a high standard of leadership for the Ukrainian Canadian community in the city Edmonton.


Our Mission

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress in Edmonton represents the Ukrainian Canadian community in the city before the people and Government of Canada, makes linkages with Ukraine and identifies and addresses the needs of the Ukrainian community in Canada to ensure its continued existence and development for the enhancement of Canada’s socio-cultural fabric.

UCC – Edmonton is a non-profit umbrella organization that unites, supports & promotes Ukrainian educational, cultural, political, social, business and recreational interests and raises awareness for the greater Edmonton community at large.


Member Organizations

  • Ukrainian Music Society of Alberta in Edmonton
  • Ukrainian National Federation of Canada- Edmonton
  • Brotherhood of Ukrainian Veterans
  • League of Ukrainian Canadians Edmonton Branch
  • Ukrainian Professional & Business Club of Edmonton
  • Arts of Life Studio Society
  • Friends of the Ukrainian Heritage Pavilion Society
  • Ivan Franko School of Ukrainian Studies
  • League of Ukrainian Canadian Women – Edmonton (LUCW)
  • Ukrainian Youth Association of Canada (PLAST)
  • Ridna Shkola St. Georges
  • Ukrainian Self-Reliance League (TYC)
  • Ukrainian Canadian Benevolent Society of Edmonton
  • Ukrainian National Federation of Canada- Edmonton
  • Ukrainian Women’s Association – St John’s Cathederal Branch
  • Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM)
  • Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada (UWO)
  • Ukrainian Performing Arts Society (UPAS)